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Education creates values, opens up opportunities and offers new perspectives. 
We at bit BildungsWelten believe in lifelong learning and that everyone can and should continue to develop and educate themselves in order to fully exploit their own potential. In doing so, we focus on individuality and flexibility, because each person is unique in their own talents and possibilities, as well as in their previous vita and their ideas for the future. 
Our strength is to offer high-quality and innovatively prepared learning concepts, which pick up our customers at exactly the point where they are and lead them to exactly the goal they want to achieve.  In doing so, we focus on personal support, competence-oriented teaching, practical content and, above all, our goal of making education not only meaningful but also joyful for our customers.

Beside developing and offering different education concepts bit BildungsWelten is also operating a platform, which can be used as a classic job platform, as an employee management system and, for educational institutions, also as a course management and outplacement tool.

The very difficult developments in the care sector throughout Europe have prompted us to launch an own platform specific to the care sector - the platform Care Future Austria - is intended to become a hub and networking platform for all stakeholders in the care sector. Job seekers are connected with employers, training institutes with prospective trainees from the care sector. In addition, the platform also wants to inform and enlighten via a news and info area and thus build up a large community and pursue a major goal together with this community - to help shape and secure Austria's care future.

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ACUFADE is a regional NGO from Tenerife (ESP) with long year experience in the areas of elderly-care and active aging. Their mission is to provide care and promote active and healthy lifestyle for seniors, especially for ones without resources and/or physical disabilities.

A focus of their work is dedicated to people that are suffering from different dementias and to persons who take care of these people.


They are also implementing various social projects related to active and healthy ageing and caretaker activities in Canaries by:
- providing different care services and programmes in care centers and at home
- providing training and legal support to non-professional caregivers.


They work closely with the local community, forming part of the society where they operate 3 care centres to promote autonomy and independence, homecare and a volunteer’s network. One of the future objectives is to expand their scope and share and gain experience with others.



Eclectica+ involves a team of sociologists, psychologists, educators and chief happiness officers, to conduct social research, provide training, support and supervise participatory processes, promote health through dedicated interventions and communication campaigns co-designed with its stakeholders.

Since 1998, Eclectica+ has been working with social research, training and participatory processes as part of local, national and international projects addressing lifestyles and health promotion. Eclectica+ offer consultancy and methodological support to public and private organizations in all phases of a project, from needs assessment to dissemination.


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