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  Resilience training for the new generation of caregivers  

The requirements of the labour market for caregivers are getting increasingly difficult. The main objective of the Care4You4Others project therefor is to help existing and future caregivers to better cope with psychological stresses of everyday caregiving and to make them aware that self-care is important in order to stay healthy and be able to practice their job and every day lives without health problems.

This is to be achieved through the provision of a resilience training course especially tailored to the needs of caregivers. They receive free, low-threshold training that:

  • enables them to better deal with difficult situations in everyday life

  • shows them how important their own mental health is for their daily work

  • help them meet the changing labour market needs in care

  • provides them with simple tools that can be integrated into their everyday life and work

  • has a positive effect on their own skills

The results that will be developed within this project will be available free for download on this website. 

  • REPORT - about current scientific research in the field of resilience and results of our field research

  • CURRICULUM & LEARNING MATERIAL - for the Care4You4Others online training course

  • ONE-MINUTE-WONDER SETCARDS - with useful excercises and information for everyday life 

  Meet the project team  

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